Which Nightly Build?

I need to install a nightly build on a Windows 10 machine. On page:


I am confused by which version to download and install. Should it be the one with, or without, the “-pbs” suffix? What does it mean for an installation file to have this suffix?

It is a 64 bit machine.

I am not the expert here…but I do what I think you want. I think that most Win10 machines are 64 bit and I am fuzzy about that part. I use the:
which I think excludes a lot of footprint and symbl libraries, perhaps some wizards. I make my own symbols and footprints based upon the KiCad libraries which I downloaded originally years ago.

If you want the complete package I think you want the

Anyway I am completely satisfied with my method on a Win10 Dell laptop. Maybe someone can correct me if I am wrong; perhaps explain what is the “-pdbs”

I remember looking this up somewhat recently, all it took was some searching (that little magnifying glass in the upper right-hand of this site). The tl;dr is it is for bug tracing, you only need it if a dev asks you to use it.

I installed the version without -pdbs and it is working. Thanks. :wink:

Why do you want to install a nightly version at this point in time?

KiCad V6.0 has been released at Christmas, and that was KiCad-nightly V5.99 upto that moment.

At the moment current nightly versions are 6.99 and these are not compatible anymore with KiCad V6.0

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