Where to find footprint


I’m copletely new to KiCad and doing my first job. I use “Duo Bi-Color LED SMD 0603 warmweiß / rot”. It’s looking like this:


As symbol I use LED_Dual_AACC. Does anybody have a footprint for this"

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Do you have a product number and data sheet? This should really have been posted in the footprints section of the forum which prompts you for this info.

KiCad will never have every footprint you might need and you will occasionally have to draw your own. This is an important skill. Many users shy away from this and spend hours trawling the net for something of dubious provenance rather than spending five minutes drawing something which matches the data sheet.

This looks as though it should be relatively simple but you need the data sheet to confirm the dimensions.

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As @John_Pateman indicates, we really need a link to the data sheet. Preferably in English since that is kind of the default language but the quick search I did show German? Still the drawing in the sheet should be readable regardless and we do have people on here that aren’t limited to English. :wink:

Thanks - I asked the reseller for datasheet as I didn’t find it in the web. I even didn’t find the search function yet…

The need for having access to datasheet is ‘must have’ to be able to use any element, I think. If the reseller don’t knows that you just should use the other one reseller.
For example:
and datasheet:
with recommended footprint at first page.

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There are a bunch of manufacuterers for such LED’s and I would not use a datasheet from another manfufacturer.

With your search string I find some german “Modelbau” shops with the exact same picture you posted.

If you can’t find the exact datasheet for this LED, then make a photograph of it together with a ruler, and then measure it’s size on your PC. Using a flatbed scanner is even better.