Where is the design rules editor?

Sorry, I was adding comments to my first post, and finally changed after I noticed a reply. The first post doesn’t exist anymore, but just in case: I was asking where I can find the design rules editor.

Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure whether I got closer to the solution because I have no setup menu item in PCBNew windo. Just in case I also checked the project window. In my case, there is no setup between view and place.

I’m using the latest release (5.1, not nightly build), and Windows10


Is there a way to get my setup menu back? Does the Setup menu exist on windows 10?



Assuming version 5.0.x, in PCBNew there is a menu named “Setup”. “Design Rules…” should be on that menu.


Or if you’re running 5.1.x, see this thread.

Well the users states that the reason for their post is that they miss the exact menu you show them in your answer. Meaning they definitely do not run 5.0.x.

And the screenshot tells us that it is 5.1.0. Meaning we can tell the user that the board setup stuff now is under the menu entry “file-> board setup”.

Hello Rene!
Thanks! I have been in that panel (board settings) a couple of times but in fact the problem was somewhere else. The problem was the clearance around the ground pads, which was too large.
I’m not sure other people have this problem, but I think the copper layers settings could be in the board settings. Setting the layers one by one is a bit odd. They have all the same settings. I would understand a different setting for inner and outer layers, or an option to set them one by one…
Thanks anyway, it works.

Copper zones have their own settings and yes this could be considered strange. Maybe a better option would ne to have copper zones centrally setup and offer a possibility to overwrite that global setting. You could make a feature request for that over at the bugtracker.

When I replied, the original post was:

No screenshot and no mention of version.

Same issue here. No setup menu for Pcbnew
kiCad v5.1.2
macOS 10.14.4

It was answered already: File->Board Setup, or the second toolbar button.

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I strongly disagree.

Copper Zones also have priority levels for each zone inside a zone.

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