Where from it takes H Align?

5.1.10 Windows 7
I had in library BC847 symbol with H Align for Value set to Left.
I noticed that if I mirror symbol at schematic (Y hotkey) H Align for Value works like it would be right.
So I decided I will change it to Center to make it working the same in both symbol orientations.
Now I have in library:

I have made many tries but at schematic I get it wrong.
I save schematic (there is no BC847 at schematic).
For sure I delete …cache.lib in that project directory.
I close KiCad.
I switch off PC.
I switch on PC.
I run KiCad and schematic.
Using ‘A’ hotkey I add BC847 symbol and I have:

Value H-Align is Left.
What the hell is going on?
Where did he get this information from?

A guess. Maybe it has something to do with: Eeschema / Preferences / Preferences / Eeschema and then the section of Symbol Field Automatic Placement. I’ve turned all three options off.

One more information.
In the window on my second picture I can edit H-Align. So I change it to ‘Center’ and pressed [OK] button.
When I pressed ‘E’ next time at that element I once more have there ‘Left’.

But I have other elements (I have checked with resistor) that just have there ‘Center’. May be they had in library there ‘Center’ before first use.

My question mainly is how to change it in library to have it working as I wont for all future use?

You have to turn off the “Automatically place Symbol Fields” in the settings shown above. Then it should use the locations which are set in the libraries.

When I switched off “Automatically place symbol fields” I got BC847 with Value H-Align as ‘Center’.

But according to my logic ‘placing field’ should have nothing to forsing its ‘allignment’.

Then I switched that flag on again an ‘A’ (added) to my schematic 1k resistor and it has that alignment set to ‘Center’.
I don’t get how it works! :frowning:

Switching off "Allow field autoplace to change justification’ is also enough to get fields being aligned as in library so I can left “Automatically place…” on and have my alignment settings left unchanged.
That looks that justification and alignment have something in common :slight_smile:

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