Where find resister (no smd)?

where find resister in kicad like this:

no SMD

Well there should be a footprint library called Resitor_THT that holds them. (This lib should be added by default. If not please state your kicad version.)

I suspect you use CvPcb to attach a footprint to the resistor symbol. In which case it might be required to setup the filters correctly. Have a look at this FAQ post on to how to assign a footprint to a symbol: How can i assign a footprint to a symbol?

If you are confused about the terminologies symbol and footprint have a look at this: What is the difference between footprints and symbols?

could you make a screenshot of the fp-lib-table entry responsible for resistors_tht?
(library manager found in preferences menu of pcb_new and footprint editor)

Another thing: you can try to check the validity of the lib by setting it as the active lib in the footprint editor. Then click load footprints and in that window use list all. If you get an error message here then something is wrong with the lib.

It looks like you have the “L” library filter icon selected at the top

And he has the resistor_tht lib selected on the left which should result in all footprints of this lib being showed in the right most pane. (No other filter seems to be selected which would negate this filter selection.)

error if you click Cvpcb

Well it already tells you that the resistors_tht lib does not exist in that way.
(Somehow you have entries in your fp-lib-table that are not on your system.)

I would suggest you follow this FAQ tutorial to install the footprint library with version number 4.0.5. You can of course install a newer version of the library but then you should also update your symbols and 3d models library.

It might also be a good idea in general to update to 4.0.7 release in general because this release has a lot of bugfixes compared to your 4.0.5 release. (To help you here we would need to know which linux distribution you are using)

It looks like the default Debian version. Use backports to get a new version of Kicad installed.

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