Where do i set "Footprint Placement type"?

Making some footptints, and noticed the KLC instruction is the set the Footprint Placement Type. i have clicked all around the FP editor, but have not found that setting yet. Nor did a quick read thru the PCBnew doc uncover. Anyone know where this property is hiding?

From KLC:
8. Rules for Surface Mount Devices (SMD) Footprints
The following rules apply specifically to SMD footprints (the general rules in section 7 also apply).
Footprint Placement type should be set to Surface mount

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In the Footprint Editor, on the top ribbon bar select “Edit” > “Edit Properties” then use the “Properties” tab. “Surface mount” is one of the selection boxes in the “Placement type” section, top center of the dialog window.


Hmm. i’ve been in that dialog searching for this property. Still dont see. Here is what i see.

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I’m running a nightly build from back in February, so I guess the menus are different.

Selecting “Surface mount” in the “Placement type” section creates the line “(attr smd)” in the *.kicad.mod footprint file. You want the option “Normal + Insert”. There is some additional discussion, and historical background, in the thread “Survey: Footprint -> Attributes” at Survey: Footprint -> Attributes .



On the current develop version of KiCad, the “Placement type” is used to display the 3D models on 3DViewer.
Shortcut keys:
V - Virtual
it will display/hide the model footprints in accord to the placement type.

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LOL, last time I needed this I somehow felt I missed a step in my head when I switched a THT component to SMD, but I couldn’t put my finger on what that was…
No wonder looking at yours and @cotten s screenshots … now it’s obviously simple, it’s called out as one would expect it.

Hover over the selectors in the attributes section. (And read the tool tip)

I think normal is for tht, normal + insert is for (most) smd and virtual is well virtual.
The distinction is for generating manufacturer output data like position files for pick and place machines. (and for the 3d viewer it seems.)

If you are editing with the Gitlab IDE editor on your MR, or a simple text editor, you can also add e.g.:
(attr through_hole) or (attr through_hole)
just below (tags "...").