Where did the Layers go in Footprint Properties?

Until KiCad V7, we were able to edit the target layers of all text properties of a footprint. In KiCad V8, it’s gone. We can not add a new text value and choose which layer it should appear on.

Did something change here?

Image-1: KiCad V7 footprint properties vs KiCad V8

Hi Vishnu, with a right-click/context menu of the table header you can add or remove the displayed columns.
As an alternative you’ll find the layer (and all other specific) settings within the element properties (double-click or select and shortcut E on Win/most systems). Solved?


That worked. I always thought the columns were fixed. Thanks.

Speaking of v8 nearly every table element in different modules has configurable columns and by default some hidden but perhaps useful ones.