Where are V5 libraries installed (by the installer)n Win10

I started with V5 when the libraries were not part of the nighty’s. I am using Win10. For my installation I downloaded the V5 libraries and recreated the structure in C:\Kicad_Libraries. All works fine.

However, now the libraries are part of the download so I was wondering where the installer would put them?

I’m currently installing without the libraries.


They are put in the Program Files/KiCad folder, under share/ subfolder. I don’t remember the details, but you can find them there if you install them.


Thanks, That’s all I need. I will keep them where I currently have them. Seems cleaner to me, I personally don’t like libraries and the like stored in the Program Files folder (but that’s just me).

Just a heads up: KiCad V5 has not been released yet. You are running a development snapshot (that will be very close to how kicad v5 will be once it is released.)
As this is a development snapshot, they do not always include libraries. (If the installer is a lot smaller than1GB it does not come with libs. I think the last few weeks the libs have been included again.)

If your particular installer did not include them download them from: https://kicad.org/libraries/download/


Thanks for the reply.

I know Kicad V5 is still not released and I’m fine with that. With the RCx’s I’ve learned a lot about the program and am still learning. My question was out of curiosity as there was a lot of talk about changing library structure from V4 ->V5. I did not know if the changes would reflect in the library location(s) on Windows.

If you had kicad 4 installed you will need to update the fp-lib-table as it probably will still use the github plugin (which points to the old v4 libs.)
If you always used nightly you might also need to update the symbol lib table as in the beginning it might have pointed also to the old libs.

My V5 is working fine, great actually.

My V5 setup

  • I completely removed V4.0.7
  • I downloaded the V5 libraries,
  • Recreated the library structure in C:\Kicad_Libraries
  • From each library copy sym-lib-table and fb-lib-table to C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\kicad
  • Removed the environment variables
  • Set the paths in Kicad

Bingo, all works great.

I realize when I install the current run of nighty’s I have to uncheck the installation of the libraries. Actually I prefer this because I know the libraries an not being changed without my knowledge.


This are the default Windows locations:

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