Where are the resistors?

Hi, I’m a newbie. I’ve googled but cannot find any answers.
I’m running KiCad 4.07, trying to draw a schematic, but I can not for the life of me find a basic resistor model. From what I can find, there is meant to be a resistor model under “device” in the Choose Component dialog box, I found a variable resistor in there, but that’s it. Am I missing something? I can find an Atmega128-16AU but not a resistor?

Either you have a wrong lib setup (defect device lib) or you filter using a wrong term.

Thanks Rene, I have tried the filters, but the best I can find is a light dependent resistor. How can I fix my device library?

What is your operating system?
How did you install kicad?
(For windows, libs are a separate option during the installation process. For some linux versions libs are a separate package.)

You can also simply download the libs from https://github.com/KiCad/kicad-library/releases
You then need to copy the files to the location where your current libs are installed. (See the dialog in [eeschema->properties->component libraries] for clues as to where they are currently installed.)

Thank you for your quick replies Rene :slight_smile: . I’m running W10. I’ve just re-installed from kicad-4.0.7-x86_64.exe with all options checked but still no basic resistor model. When I type “r” into the filter I still get Raspberry pi, RJ12 etc. I’m downloading the libs now.

could you make a screenshot of the dialog similar to what i posted?
Maybe also one for the [eeschema->properties->component libraries] dialog. (New users can only post one picture per post. So you will need to make multiple posts)

There is a chance that you have a second lib called device lib in any search path with higher priority than the system search path. (This will get better in kicad v5.)

What happens if you filter by r_small?
In your first two screenshots you might need to scroll down to reach the device lib. (You are seeing the results for the conn lib at the top.)

I searched one by one thoroughly. I deleted the user defined search paths and now I can find a bunch more components including resistors

This would mean you have a file called device.lib in any one of the user defined search paths. They have a higher priority then the system files.
If the device.lib file in your user defined search path does not include a resistor symbol, you will not have it available to you.

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You’re right. Can I just rename the other device.lib?

Yes. You also need to rename the .dcm file to the same name.
(DCM files hold information that is special for each alias. These are the description, keywords and datasheet links.)

Maybe read this post: (it is a link. you can click the post title to get to the old topic or press the arrow on the right to read my full response.)

Many thanks Rene for your prompt help :slight_smile: