Where are the new videos?

I noticed that you said the videos would be available, but where are they?

Ah, right! We’ll be releasing them a few at a time so that the “notification” emails don’t overwhelm people. They should be finished being uploaded by the end of the week (August 1).

All the videos will be available on the Contextual Electronics YouTube channel and will be organized into playlists that mimic the CE course.

There’s a typo in the link Chris posted for his CE YT channel. Here’s the correct link :

Ah ha! Thanks, fixing original as well :slight_smile:

Does the logical series of the videos follows the upload date?


Ah, I realize I didn’t link the original list. The order really doesn’t matter, but if you’d like to follow along like the original course, here is the listing: http://contextualelectronics.com/kicad-course-outline/


There will also be videos of the design around BenchBudEE?

No, I’m still running the course as is, I’m just releasing the videos about KiCad. If you’re interested in the course, we’ll be doing another session in the early fall. There is also an option to purchase access now.