Where are the D-SUB DB9 gone?


I think It’s a problem of my Linux version. I tried Kicad in a virtual machine using the same Ubuntu version that I have installed, using my own computer as host. It works! I can read the libraries from Github. Both version of Kicad are the same, indeed.

It’s not a proxy problem because then Kicad, in the guest machine, couldn’t connect to github.
I’m going to investigate this problem.
Thank everbody!


I am at a loss with this too, there are go Connectors_DSub in the 3D model library. Not that I can find anyway. Quite a few models are missing now, common ones. I think someone has decided to “quality Control” the previous library and as a result users are left with nothing in those cases. There are many good models, but DB9 and DB15 are missing and I was hoping to use them.


The old models had the wrong scale. They where made in an obsolete toolchain. They where completely unusable for any collaboration with mechanical cad programs. (The new focus of the 3d lib is to support this foremost. Pretty pictures are of less concern to us.) This is why they are not included in v5. We value quality more than quantity and took the chance to get rid of a lot of legacy package that just dragged us down in the past.