When's V7 coming out? (and a thank you)

Ok seriously

THANK YOU Tomasz the following

PCB and footprint editing

  • Drag components with traces attached (Tomasz Wlostowski)

I only really started using KC when the later 5.99 nightlies where being uploaded and the lack of this has been an annoyance

Thank you team for v6 - ( the lads finally old grown up to play with girls)

I read somewhere on the forum (Can’t seem to find it now) that the devs are planning on doing a major release every year in January.


See the major release policy here: Stable Release Policy | Developer Documentation | KiCad

TL;DR: v7 is planned by January 31, 2023.

(I was being sarcastic !!!)

I’m chuffed to bits v6 is out it seems to have sorted out all the things (for me) which were a PITA