When trying to view drill file in Gerber get: "Warning: this file has no D-Code definition...."

I plotted out the layers within PCBNew. This included creating .drl file. All files opened find except the .drl file. I got a dialog box that had a bullet list saying over and over again “Unexpected symbol” After I clicked on close (to close the dialog box), I got the message: "Warning: this file has no D-Code definition It is perhaps an old RS274D file Therefore the size of items is undefined

The layout initially started in the 2013 (i.e.: last stable) version of Kicad. I recently upgraded to 4.01 (because considered stable).

Any advice on how to fix these errors? Thank you.

UGH. STUPID ME. I was opening the .drl as Gerber instead of as a Drill file. PLEASE ignore. My stupidity.