When Spice model netlist export will be released?

Hi all,

As from the title I would like to know when and in which release will be released the feature to export a schematic netlist as a spice model (subctk).

I saw that in the main branch on gitlab there is the class to allow this feature.

Schematic to spice netlist is already an existing feature in 6.0?

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Yes I know,
I’m speaking about a spice subctk model. Basically it’s a syntax allowing you to add a model that later can be used in other spice spice programs as a component.

Here a small reference

So this feature will allow kicad to be used to model subcircuits that later can be used in more complex schematics for simulation.

You may create subcircuits from Eeschema drawings right now.

Draw a circuit (to becomer a subcircuit). Export it as a ngspice netlist (see post by marekr).

Then add two lines: a .subckt line on top and a .ends line at the end.

The .subcircuit line starts with .subckt, and then the name of the subcircuit, e.g.

.subckt vdivide

What now is missing is the nodes for interfacing the subcircuit. They have to follow the subcircuit name and have to be equal to nodes of your netlist (typically the inputs and outputs of your circuit).

.subckt vdivide node1 node2 ... nodenn.

If your circuit is a voltage divider

*voltage divider
r1 1 2 10K
r2 2 3 5K

and you want to access all of its nodes (named 1, 2, 3 here), the subcircuit line now is
.subckt vdivide 1 2 3
and the complete subcircuit may look like

*voltage divider
.subckt vdivide 1 2 3
r1 1 2 10K
r2 2 3 5K

and you may call it from another spice netlist as your model of a voltage divider by
Xvdiv in out gnd vdivide
or by putting it into a file voltage-divider.lib and attach it to your (tentative) voltage divider symbol.
Even if Eeschema would finally have the button ‘create subcircuit’, one would have to tell it what name the subcircuit should have and what nodes are to be interfaced.

Thanks for your advice,

I am currently doing it like that, but it’s tedious because it’s an action that could be easily automated.

I was creating my self a program to generate a sub circuit using some regex to find out the input and output nodes (given by labels), I was trying to make it work taking as input the XML intermediate file generated by kicad and creating a custom generator…

Unfortunately in the XML file there is not the information about the text label in the schematic and that was blocking me because without them it’s practically impossible to generate some circuits (e.g. a transformer).

Looking the source code to add this information I discovered that someone already added the feature to the main and that’s why I thought to ask when the next release is planned, to understand if it is worth to work on that my self or if I should just wait for the maintainers to deliver this feature themself.

Next year, hopefully January, no guarantees.

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Thank you, I’ll create a stupid script in the meantime and I’ll wait for it to be release