When monitoring multiple voltages is it necessary to create separate power planes r can you simply do it through traces?

I am using a window monitor to monitor +3, +5, +12, and -12 DC voltages. I am planning on connecting the 5V to a power plane to use it as Vcc. Is it necessary to have separate power planes for the other voltages or can I simply use my sense lines on the top layer (4 layer board) and connect to ground reference? I am pretty sure that I do not but I am seeking affirmation as this is the first time I have designed a circuit like this.

The monitor itself will draw tiny, stable current, so the connection to that just needs to be any trace.

A different question is around where to connect to, and what other currents might flow.

If you have fast edges and large load changes, then you likely want maximum copper, and any monitor usually would connect to the lowest voltage corner/point aka furthest from regulator feed.
Highest current regulators often use load-point feedback, to compensate for PCB track resistance effects.

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