When KiCAD 7 will be released?

Good morning

Just out of curiosity, having spotted the RC2 of KiCAD 7, I’m wondering when is it planned (an around) to be released as Official Release?

Wayne Stambaugh mentioned the first or second week of february in the developers mailing list here:


I’ll bet the release will happen when it is decided 7.0.1 does not have to be released 3 days later! :smiley:

I quite like the timeline… soon™ :grin:


It’s the KiCad nemesis wxPython again, not helped that Ubuntu 22.10 seems to be a dependency mess

I will be waiting for the new version too.

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(but we still need 20 characters)

I read it and considering we’re almost at the end of the Feb 2nd week, that there will be another missed approach due the problem they suddenly got.
Let’s cross our fingers

Right, but you could pad with the four invisible operators.

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