When duplicating board. loss of netclass: ie. GND

filled zone(s) will have been designated as GND. layer either TOP or BOTTOM. when duplicated… it ‘forgets’ the associated net class… anyone else seen this behavior??

Application: KiCad
Version: 5.99.0-unknown-42daf17~86~ubuntu18.04.1, release build
wxWidgets 3.0.4
libcurl/7.58.0 OpenSSL/1.1.1 zlib/1.2.11 libidn2/2.0.4 libpsl/0.19.1 (+libidn2/2.0.4) nghttp2/1.30.0 librtmp/2.3
Platform: Linux 5.0.0-32-generic x86_64, 64 bit, Little endian, wxGTK
Build Info:
Build date: Nov 4 2019 23:04:19
wxWidgets: 3.0.4 (wchar_t,wx containers,compatible with 2.8) GTK+ 3.22
Boost: 1.65.1
OpenCASCADE Community Edition: 6.9.1
Curl: 7.58.0
Compiler: GCC 7.4.0 with C++ ABI 1011

Build settings:

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yup… thank you Seth.

lolwut… there are multiple people (including Wayne) explaining why this won’t/shouldn’t be changed, then someone comes along and fixes it?

no wonder people don’t bother reporting bugs

I do bother. …

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Everyone gets to make mistakes. Our mistakes are public but pointing and laughing is generally not the greatest response and does discourage others who might not have Wayne’s thick skin for it. If you want KiCad to improve, please consider improving this type of interaction as improving would help volunteers on the project from burning out.

Well, that someone would be JP Charras, the original author and largest contributor to the project. He correctly diagnosed what the user was referring to and pushed a fix. I would say that this is exactly why people should report bugs.

This post is not to pick on you specifically but rather to leave a breadcrumb for future forum readers and prevent this idea of not reporting issues from propagating. We appreciate all reports. And even if we may get the initial idea wrong (we’re human here), we generally try to admit mistakes and fix them as quickly as possible.


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