When does a lib not allow editing

We work as a team on a large project. So when I archive a . pro file & send to team, one tells me she cannot edit a symbol for a part I made in a lib I made in a directory. I can do copy- paste edit etc on my end but others do not. They get “ no permission”. . How to fix that? Also, it is true that parts from Rescue lib cannot be edited. She tried that at first. I suggested copy- paste in her own local lib. no luck.
Any help will be highly appreciated

KiCad itself has no write protection. So it must be the operating system that does not allow writing to the lib in question. Typically this is the case for the libraries that are shipped with kicad. And these are not meant to be edited by the user as the next update would overwrite the changes made. See Library management in KiCad version 5 as well as Project and libary setup for sharing and collaboration

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