What's The meaning of 'match' if I donate to KiCAD

In KiCAD website, it says every donation will be matched.
I am Chinese, I can’t fully understand what is The meaning of ‘match’? Does that mean you will have a list to record The name of donation person?

Means that somebody will be donating the same amount of money (“matching your donation”) as you did! Very cool of them and a great incentive for increasing those donations :wink:

ok, got it, thak you.
maybe you can have an extra explaination on the website. I have confused the word of ‘match’ for several days.


I am not certain if the amounts mentioned are before or after the matching. With last years fund drive there was a limit of USD10k before matching (And the goal was met)

Donation matching is a popular strategy for charities here, and likely elsewhere too. With the holiday season, a generous donor chips in a large sum, say10k, and small donors are told that their donations will be matched, thus almost certainly doubling the sum. :+1:

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