What's the difference between CAD CAM and CAE tool?

Hi. For pcb design software, I know CAD CAM and CAE tools, but I am a little confused, what’s their difference? How to distinguish them? Thanks a lot

Looks like a typical lead in to some spamming… don’t waste too much time answering…

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Different usecases (or marketing)

  • CAD: Computer Aided Design -> tools to help you draw stuff
  • CAE: Computer Aided Engineering -> tools for analyzing designs (simulation) most cad tools include some cae support.
  • CAM: Computer Aided Manufacturing -> tools that are used by manufacturers (these tools generate the commands that control the machines. Example your slicer that generates gcode for your 3d printer)

The problem with such categories is that they do not really make sense any more. Most tools fall in multiple categories.

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Thank you very much, Rene.