What was this zone?

I had this zone in my PCB layout and I could not tell what it was. I turned off every single layer. I couldn’t click left or right on it.

Despite not one layer was active, there was this purple zone.

I thought it was somehow related with Kicad 7’s new highlight thingy when you try to put components on top of eachother.

However when doing that, the highlighted part is much smaller. So it was something different.

I deleted all markers, perhaps it was an DRC thingy?. The zone remained there.

After 10 minutes or so, I finally figured out what it was. I have an OSHW logo on the back and I locked it to prevent it’s dissapearance. The lock causes the zone to appear.

I used to lock only mounting holes.

So it seems it isn’t a bug but an actual feature. :joy:

Perhaps an idea to add a layer for locked items or something? I think it is sorta strange that you see a zone after having unchecked every single layer? I haven’t found a way to turn it off.


It’s a locked item shadow. You can turn it off on the Objects tab of the appearance panel.

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LOL, yes, I was caught out with that some time ago, until I found out the “Layers” tab is not the only tab in the Appearance Manager with colors that can be turned on and off. :smiling_face:

It is even worse, I actually read through the object tab but I managed to just read over that specific locked shadow line :see_no_evil:

Ah, that was your mistake!
I just looked at the colors…reading words is too hard :face_with_spiral_eyes: :rofl:

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