What version is best for new users

I’m new to KiCad, just download 5.0.1 for windows 10 on a Lenovo laptop with Core i7, fast 1TB SSD, 16GB ram. Yes a laptop, but not a slow machine. My problem is the GUI is so laggy it’s utterly unusable. Placing parts takes several minutes each. I lost my copy of OrCad sadly, can’t get it to load on Win10, so I’m trying to find a replacement for simple designs. I’m wondering if a previous version would be better and or not in beta.

No. Do not go to a 4.x version. Period. Can you maybe provide info on your graphics card?

Its running on the Intel graphics built into the mobile i7, HD graphics 620 I believe. Supports OpenGL 4.5 and 4K @ 60Hz… Core i7 7500U running at 2.9-3.5Ghz with 16GB of DDR4.

Do you experience the slowness in both the schematic and PCB editors? Do you see any difference between using the Accelerated and Fallback modes (in Preferences menu)?

5.0.1 had some performance issues on some Windows machines. 5.0.2 is finalized and you can download a pre-release copy here http://downloads.kicad.org/windows/testing/5.0/

Hopefully this resolves the issue for you.

I think I found my problem, I believe I was not clicking on the sheet after selecting place symbol icon to open the the choose symbol dialog box. I’m not sure if I was doing this before or not, it seemed like the dialog was taking minutes to show, but appears to be working now almost instantly. So maybe I just need to learn more about how to use it. I think I might have been expecting the dialog to open once I clicked the icon. Thanks for the speedy replies.

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