What the use of netclass inside net label

On KiCAD 7, there is netclass as fields inside label.
This shown at net label dialog.

What the function for these? Why people need many net class inside 1 label. Why not 1 to 1?

I think just the reverse, 1 netclass may have many labels inside.

I remember for kicad 5 below, net class is used for defining default track width at PCB. Also the net labels is same on every location with same netclass.

Maybe I can have illustrated explanation?


I’m still getting to grips with KiCad V7, and it was not clear what you meant, so I ad a look at label properties and managed to add a netclass to a label:

To me it also does not make sense to add multiple net classes to a single label, but the intention is probably to have a “future proof” dialog in which other fields can also be associated with a label.

Assignment of net classes has also changed significantly in KiCad V7. In KiCad V6 and older, you just had a list with nets, and you had a separate system for assigning nets to netclasses. In KiCad V7 there is Schematic Editor / File / Schematic Setup / Project Net classes, and you can create filters to add nets to a netclass. KiCad now also has: Schematic Editor / Place / Net Class Directive (also in the right side toolbar).

It’s quite new, and I’m not sure whether I like it, but it also works. I also expect that these functions will receive further refinements in the future.

That screenshot is exactly what I meant.

In the label dialog you can either select a netclass from a dropdown list, or you can enter a new one.
Be aware, however, that entering a new netclass there does not create it. You still have to create it in the Schematic setup.

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