What layout issue is to blame for the Specctra DSN file?

Hello everyone.
I have finished laying out my PCB and would like to wire it using Autorouter.
However, I exported the Specctra DSN file and loaded it into Autorouter, but Autorouter will not start wiring.
I think I am doing something wrong in the PCB editor.
How can I resolve this situation and get automatic wiring done?

KiCad Version 7.0.2
freerouting Version 1.7.0
Windows 11 Pro x64 22H2

NewUser does not seem to be able to upload files to this forum.
I have made the problematic “DSN” and “kicad_pcb” files available for download from the following links.

Hello and welcome.

This link to a FAQ should answer your comment.

‘Fixed’. :wink:
Welcome aboard.

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This issue is fixed already and will be in the 7.0.4 release. You can use a testing build in the meantime if you need to get unblocked.


The comment you provided solved the problem.
I downloaded Version 7.0.3-7 and freerouting works fine.
Thank you very much.

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