What layer for vcut lines on panelized pcbs

If I panelize a PCB to get the max number in a 100x100 mm area to order from Pcbway, Seeedstudio, etc what layer should vcut lines be placed?

V-cut is not standardized, so you have to communicate with the Fab.
I either use Edge Cuts or one of the User.Eco layers

Many of these chap PCB deals don’t allow V-cut, mouse bites etc

Thanks! Don’t really know what I will do with 30 anyway so probably should just skip panelizing and just get 10 for the same price.

Some board houses will do the panel thing for you. They have such a hard time with every one doing it differently, it takes less time to just do it for you.

With V-grooving (if it is supported at all) there often also is a minimum distance between the V-grooves.

Some people have bought a simple CNC router just to separate small PCB’s from a panel. Others have done it with a circular saw. If you wish to go that route, then make sure you allocate enough room for the saw cuts or milling.

I found the PCB eats up saw blades very quickly. I am using a mill using a 2mm wide bit just for that job. I may get a CNC mill soon. Amazon " uxcell 10Pcs 2mm Titanium Coat Carbide End Mill Engraving Milling Cutter CNC Router Bits for PCB Machine, 1/8" Shank" I first tried 0.8mm but they broke.

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You should always check the fab’s documentation, but generally it’s the Edge Cuts layer. Pay attention to constraints on dimensions, spacing, etc. Usually they will charge more for V-cuts because it’s an extra step. They can also do the panelisation for you, for a price. They will tell you how much more. As you say, if you don’t have a use for the extra boards you get, just keep things simple.

When I need to order many prototype boards as one board I merge them as at the picture:

It is one PCB with complicated edge at Edge.Cuts layer. I ordered it at our local PCB house.

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