What is the proper way to attach mounting hole to ground fill and chassis?

Hi using Kicad 5.1.5

I want to attach a mounting hole to the ground fill so that I can ground the PCB to the chassis with a screw and wire.

I originally used a regular padded mounting hole but then someone suggested that I cluster a bunch of vias around the hole to solidify the area and to also make sure that the screw doesn’t damage plating inside the hole.

So I noticed that there a footprint for mounting hole with vias.

I used that footprint and the mounting hole is attached the ground layer and I can see the thermal reliefs going to the mounting hole. But I’m unsure if the rest of the vias are attached to the ground layer.

My board is setup as follows

  1. Signal
  2. Power
  3. Ground
  4. Signal

I have a attached a picture. Do I need to do anything extra or?

It looks like you drew the pads in “outline” mode.
Play around a bit with the icons on the left side of your screen in Pcbnew.

Also, mounting holes do not need thermal relief.

To get a better idea of how the real PCB looks, open it in the 3D viewer with: [Alt + 3].

Yeah I hid the pads so I can see better how the ground pour connects. So someone on stack exchange recommended that I edit the footprint and change the connection of the fill from thermal relief to solid and that. I think is what I was looking for. So the mounting hole specifically has solid fill while the rest of the fill uses thermal reliefs. And this looks like this now…

See answer here: https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/532718/how-to-ground-pcb-to-chassis-using-mounting-hole-with-vias-in-kicad/532725#532725

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