What is the name of this plug-in screw terminal footprint name?


I have purchased this screw terminal sample but I could not find the footprint name in KiCAD ?

They are common items with pins 4mm apart …


On first glance they look like phoenix contact MC series connectors. But the 4mm pin pitch part would not really fit that theory. Are you sure they are not 3.81mm pin pitch? The 4 pin version with 3.81mm pitch is part number 1803442.
(You might want to invest in a caliber to measure electronic components. They are not that expensive.)

If it is the connector i suspect then you find it in Connectors_Phoenix
The 4 pin version would be PhoenixContact_MCV-G_04x3.81mm_Vertical


Thank you… it was close enough …

Yes , it was 3.81mm pitch , I do have a caliper but not during the time I posted the question…

It was a KiCad/Connector_Phoenix_MC.pretty:PhoenixContact_MC_1,5_4-G-3.81_1x04_P3.81mm_Horizontal
3D model was PhoenixContact_MC-G_04x3.81mm_Angled.wrl ( named angled instead of Horizontal )

Pheon-x-MC-4P-3.81 by stanley_seow, on Flickr

Pheon-x-MC-4P-3.81-3D by stanley_seow, on Flickr


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