What is the mapping between circuit-pcb?

Dear All.

I designed Circuit yet, and i transfer to PCBnew.

and I designed PCBnew Too…

I moved the circuit and pcbnew because I wanted to combine other pcb and annotation.

The circuit of annotation is clear and new generation.

In a project where the circuit and pcb are moved, when the circuit is modified and updated to pcb, there is a phenomenon in which all nets are initialized.

The circuit and pcb do not have the first design and change, but is there any way to reconnect the net initialization when updating pcb after moving the circuit?

What is this:

During a project you normally should not loose the connection between schematic symbols and PCB footprints. Your first go to should probably use a workflow where you do not break your project.

All schematic symbols and PCB footprints have a unique number assigned to them, and this “timestamp” is used to keep the connection between these two. As an alternative you can use the RefDes (Called “Reference” in KiCad) as a match method during Eeschema / Tools / Update PCB from Schematic [F8].


For more details on this:

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If a circuit with initialized annotation is overwritten by a previous designed circuit, is there any way to connect it to the designed pcb?

when i updated re-associate, net alive but, not all…

some net is not mapping with circuit-pcb. if i change annotation equal to pcbnew, it can be mapped?

i success circuit-pcbnew…i changed circuit annotation equal to pcbnew.


It is slightly unclear what you are doing. Kicad generally has 1 schematic and 1 pcb per project.

If you have an existing project and wish to include additional circuitry, you can do that by adding to the existing schematic.

When you Annotate, there will be unique reference designator for each component.

In Pcbnew, all of the components should appear, both from the original and the additional circuitry.

YES…I didnt’ explain well

i ask about merge in pcb array.

  1. one project
  2. But, i designed circuit and pcb of 2cases. it is same function, but, i designed 2 method.
  3. I want to make SMT together both PCB design.
  4. so, i request that 2 PCB sample array in 1pcb.
    Ex) no1 is 1X1, no2 is 2X1.
  5. if i want to make SMT together, i have to change Annotation. because Same device is not same annotation (For example, R1 of no1 pcb is 1K, R1 of no2 pcb is 10K)

can you understand? my purpose…

So, i make new circuit and insert No1 circuit and No2 Circuit using Hierarchy, and clear annotation and new annotate.

now, No1, No2 PCB Sample is not have same annotation. and i can MAke BOM of Both PCB Sample.

But, New annotation has to apply in PCBnew.
so, i copy circuit applying new annotaion and paste to No1 Project, No2 Project. i updated Circuit to PCBnew both No1,No2.

But, it did not update annotation and is initialized net in pcb.
I want to know how to smt several pcb samples at once.

I see two choices.

  1. Separate schematics, separate public, manufactured together by public fabrication house. I use Allpcb.
  2. Collected hierarchical schematic with joined pcb, perhaps with nets GND, PWR joined. Boards separated by “mouse bites” break apart. Hierarchical sheet parts numbered like sheet1=100, sheet2=200, …

Hi,…I discovered a spot on the board where it appears as though a segment parted from the patch. I have been looking on the web at pic of this PCB and it appear slike there need expected to be something there, yet I can obviously see spots in the patch where the part would have been appended.

Search this forum for “merging” and “panels”. The fact that your designs are similar is not important.

The pcb vendor may charge more for 2 designs.