What is the best way to rename a project?

I have an existing kicad project that I’ve been working on, and when I first created the project I just gave it a working name, but now it’s time to formalize things a little so I would like to rename the project before I start doing commits to github. How should I go about doing that? Will it confuse kicad if I just rename the project folder, the .pro .sch .kicad_pcb files, etc? What about the project specific library folders beneath that (.pretty, and _library)? There does not seem to be a “save project as…” option anywhere that I can find, but maybe I’m missing it.

Thanks for any advice!


You should just care about the names of the files KiCad knows about :

  • the .pro file
  • the top level .sch file, it must be named like the .pro
  • make sure that it you rename hierarchical sheet files you also change their symbols in their parent sheet
  • the .kicad_pcb file, it must be named like the .pro
  • your libraries shouldn’t change names if you don’t want to change each component

This might also interest you:

Before comitting anything, it is very useful to add a .gitignore template:


I simple method is to rename a KiCad project is to resave the project with a new name using the top menu “File” → “Save As…” command or shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + S”. You can then erase the directory of the old project name.

This does not work if you have already committed code to your source repository.

The KiCad of 2016 is not very much alike the the KiCad in 2023. A lot has changed in the mean time, including the Save project as directly from KiCad’s project manager.

So therefore I close this old thread (which is this forum’s policy).