What is Position Relative To?


What is “Position Relative To…” (in pre-5 versions) supposed to do? I haven’t got it working in any reasonable manner.


What do you mean with “Position Relative To…”?

Do you mean the dx and dy output in the status bar?
It works similar to the v5 output. But space-bar does not use the grid so it is harder to set the “user origin”(*) exactly where you want it. And in v5 the output does always give you the distance between nearest grid point to your cursor relative to the “user origin” grid point.

* i think this is what you called it in another thread


Sorry about being inexact. It’s in an board item’s context menu, next to “Move Exactly”. It opens a dialog which I have tried to use but it moves items in strange places and I haven’t found any logic.


I believe it lets you move relative to the object’s current location.

In v5 you can select what it is relative to (page origin, grid origin, aux origin, or current location).


Those can be done with Move Exactly tool, but this one lets you select some point (actually an item) in the board. However, I haven’t found any logic in that with my experiments.


It does seem to move the center of the selection to the coordinate relative to the reference point.
It would be a bit more useful if one could control the second reference point as well. Or if it would at least take the footprint origin for when you selected a single footprint.


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