What is “Exclude Pcb edge layer from other layers”


I don’t understand what is “Exclude Pcb edge layer from other layers”

What is the result if I uncheck this ?

The edge line can be plotted to all gerber layers, or it can be plotted only to the edge.cuts gerber. Some manufacturers like to have it as reference in all layers, some don’t. If it’s in all layers, usually it’s advisable to draw the edge lines with so thin lines that it can’t be mistaken as copper.


Thanks eelik.

then there is no technical issues? whether it checked or unchecked?

do you mean this is just like a guide line?

It copies the Edge.Cuts layer identically to all layers in gerbers, or not. Whether it leads to technical issues or not depends on your manufacturer (and possibly the other featurers in your gerbers). It’s always better to find out what your board manufacturer recommends.

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