What is Eeschema?

I’m a relative newbie running Kicad 6.99 on a Windoes 10 Pro i7 PC.
When I look at the program list under Kicad 6.99 I see 8 applications…

  1. Calculator Tools
  2. Drawing Editor
  3. Gerber Viewer
  4. Image Converter
  5. Kicad 6.99
  6. Kicad Command Prompt
  7. PCB Editor
  8. Schematic Editor

None of them say Eeschema… but I see it often mentioned on the forum.

Is that a completely different program to be downloaded from the Kicad site… or what?

Thanks for any kind assistance.

Eeschema is the schematic editor.
Pcbnew is the PCB Editor.

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Some of the other older names are Bitmap2Component (for Image Converter), PL Editor (for Drawing Editor), Gerbview (for Gerber Viewer) and PCBCalculator (for Calculator Tools).

Some of them are easier to map than others. KiCad has a long and colourful history! :wink:

schematic editor is the Eeschema. Just a different synonym but all in all they mean the same thing.

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