What is "Cloning" re Digikey Library?

In this video the presenter talks about cloning the Digikey Kicad library as opposed to simply downloading it.
1 - What is the difference between simply downloading the library and “cloning” it?
2 - For me the video is a little hard to follow so can anyone point me to… or share… “cloning” instructions?
Thanks for the help.

I assume the instructions were to do a git clone? A clone is a copy of a git repo including the metadata which means that if there are any updates to the original, you can incrementally update your clone with just git pull. If you installed by download you would have to download the full package again.

If these questions arise, I suggest just downloading the zip from github and extract libraries to your personal symbols and footprint folders. I did it myself one or two years ago and am not feeling to upgrade (git pull…) it. It will be the fastest and most clear way to use these libraries. There are no benefits of cloning except for “fast update from internet”, as retiredfeline said (you need to learn git to do that…). P.s., didn’t watch that video, this was the only needed source of information about kicad v5 (not very different to v6 I would say): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3by7evD3F51fKkyrUbH-PCdwPCWc9F8a. I suggest watching it at 1.75 speed and you will master kicad :grin:

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