What is an "uvia"

Ie, this parameter is settable in Design Rules, but what is an “uvia”. I know what a via is and the various types (blind, buried etc), but have not come across “uvia”. The docs are also very quiet on this point. Please enlighten me!

Normally called a “microvia” and cut by laser rather than drilled. They are place in the pad itself.
They allow higher pad densities for BGAs etc, but limit who can make your board and cost more


Thanks. That explains it!

If you’re wondering how “uvia” translates to “microvia”, the English letter “u” is sometimes used to represent the Greek letter mu which is used in electrical drawings to mean micro. Snipped that pic from wikipedia.

You can type it directly - µ
(on windows [Alt]+0181)

I seem to remember on European keyboards (at least the German ones) it’s on the [M] key as 3rd option, US keyboards lack this.

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Yes. I know, but that they meant microvia is not completely evident from the KiCAD UI.