What is a hop over

Hi with reference to to a poll here about hop overs - what are hop overs

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Believe me. You don’t want to know.


A Hop is nothing more than a Graphic item showing a Schematic Wire hopping over other Wire’s. Similar to a Jumper Wire over Tracks/Traces on a PCB.

It’s simply a Graphic Clarification…

Screen Shot 2023-12-14 at 10.55.32

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A graphic Obfuscation.

I expect that from someone who doesn’t like user videos (you).

In 1964 when I started Driving, we called Automobile’s:

Nonetheless, they were still Automobile’s

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The only hop overs you should know:

I maintain they may have some limited use in simple diagrams meant for presentations to non technical people, but, that isn’t of much concern here for the most part.

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If we totally eliminated the practice of 4 way junctions in one junction dot, the hopover might have a better chance of being eliminated. But I still see 4 way single dot junctions in material from LT and others. In that environment, the hopover can be a useful clarification. But I agree that we on this forum should not need it.

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I see you’re a greengrocer apostrophe speller. There was once a sign that read Asparagu’s. :rofl:

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I just knew resurrecting that thread would cause trouble.

We have an example of a very unfit line, presented by Black Coffee, where the line left its hop too late and landed too early, to now, where discussions involve Green’s groceries. :frowning_face:

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Question has been answered.