What if the only difference in part number is the COLOR of the part?


I have reason to use the SAME part, with a different part NUMBER, for each color the part is manufactured in.

I just found out that I can NOT alter the library part to add an additional field for my needs. I had to change one schematic symbol to add the field, then copy that part, then change the field names for the actual part number.

Couldn’t CvPCB (Named something else NEWER) be able to ADD this functionality to EVERY part of the same type?

I think that a tool-set that would create atomic parts, and a part specific BOM, would be a great addition to the original CvPCB workflow.


The CvPCB workflow is at cross purposes with atomic parts.

If the device is available from its manufacturer in different colors (such as pushbutton switches with built-in LEDs), the manufacturer gives each variant a different part number.

At the least, your schematic symbol (“parts”) library must have different entries for each variant you wish to use. If your part symbol includes a (custom) Part Number field, then that field must be different for the variants.

Alternatively, you can have just one symbol for the “family” of these parts, and then the Part Number field you create includes a “family” part number. Make the VALUE field the variant select. In the case of different-color LEDs in the switches, the value can be RED, GREEN, YELLOW, whatever. Some simple post-processing of the BOM can be used to combine the “family” part number with the VALUE field to give you a correct manufacturer’s part number.


Yes, I know that it is that way currently.

I am still not an expert at this despite how long I’ve been tinkering with it. I intend to start a new thread on the topic of considering about how CvPCB could be expanded in purpose.

Would it not be helpful if it also included the part number? Or, have it do some of the common tasks that are currently done by outside scripts?

Why not have CvPCB do this type of task; and give it a new name and colors so that it isn’t instantly hated by half the users… lol.


[quote=“Sprig, post:3, topic:5672”]
Why not have CvPCB do this type of task [BOM post-processing] and give it a new name and colors so that it isn’t instantly hated by half the users… lol.[/quote]

Because the BOM post-processing and the association of a symbol with a footprint are entirely different operations?

Anyway, the new thread is a good place to discuss these sorts of things.


Maybe this helps?