What happened to the button that copies a part to a new name?

In eeschema, there used to be a button (looked like two components superimposed on top of each other) which allowed you to create a new part based on the current one.
That button has recently disappeared and I don’t see any way to do this now.
Why was that button removed? Is there a way to do this now? If not, for goodness sake, put it back!!

Do you mean in the symbol library editor? This sounds like it should have a bug report raised at https://bugs.launchpad.net/kicad/

I also noticed that in the symbol library editor when the sym-lib-table was introduced. However I found that one could right-click the component in the tree on the left size and there is a duplicate command so I soon forgot that it was missing.

One should take note though that just renaming a component used to create a copy of the symbol, leaving the original intact, while it now performs the more logical rename operation.

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In the tree vies (on the left) simply use either duplicate to have the copy of your symbol in the same lib or use copy/paste to get a symbols copy to another lib. (This options appear on right click)

Then edit the value field content (= symbol name) to rename your symbol.
The remaining settings that could be changed in the new symbol from current symbol dialog are still in the symbol properties dialog (button with the gear in the top toolbar.)

Thanks, I saw that new “duplicate” option, but the “Value” field cannot be edited, so I don’t see a way to give the part a new name. The “Value” of the part is grey and not editable. Is there some other way to edit the part’s value after it’s been duplicated?

I found it - you can’t edit the “Value” field in the “Edit Field Properties” dialog, but you CAN edit the “Value” field on the screen, where it’s greyed out. You can hover over the Value and press “E” like you do for editing other fields. So this is solved, thanks everyone.

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