What happened to nightly builds?


Good news everyone.

After a month, the old server managed to boot (in fact, the RAID controller was not dead, but just too stupid to kick out the broken disk). The colo facility pulled the broken disk, so it should work again for some time if nothing else breaks.

Next nightly build is scheduled at 17:41 CET, as usual, so starts in about 20 minutes. Progress can be seen on the other Jenkins.

New box will still be rolled out at some point, but is delayed because of a public holiday and shipping delays (enterprise class SSDs are hard to get), which should not be that much of a problem now though.


Yay, the build succeeded. Thank you.


Gone missing again, at a critical time as V5 is stabilising


There was some discussion about this on the developers’ mailing list. Something about expired certificates.


Very glad to see the Windows nightlies back up and running. Thank you to all responsible.


And missing again since 9th April. No mention on the mailing list


This time it’s not what you think - the number rolled over 9999 and the sorting order is “wrong”. Friday the 13th is there :slight_smile:


I see now, sorting is hard to get right. I have documents at work with reference numbers 000001 just to avoid this. :persevere:


The official Discordian document numbering scheme uses five digits.


The good news is that this will happen again only after a couple of hundreds of years :slight_smile:


Unless singularity happens first and our uploaded minds run at different time normals :wink:

PS: been reading Stross - Accelerando last week :laughing: