What happened to nightly builds?


The latest one available is from Sept 19th? Either the date is off by one month or they switched to monthly builds? :slight_smile:

Missing Windows Nightly version

If I correctly recall what I gleaned from the chatter on this topic, first there was a problem creating successful builds after some libraries used by the compiler were updated. Then, a server crashed and repair parts can only be obtained from a nearly extinct breed of elves who live in a desolate and inaccessible location.

There are more details in the thread “Recommended / non-recommended Nightlies” . Look in the links from Post #24.



Last time I checked the Internet wasn’t running low on storage space. Blows my mind. It’s been a month to a day and nobody even bothered to do anything about it. So no Winbuilder and no nightly builds. What problems do the developers have?


Well developers have a live beside kicad. I am sure if there would be an easy fix it would have been done already.


Yet again RAID controllers turned out to be less reliable than disks.
The headache for Nightlies is the bandwidth served, not storage capacity.

It is frustrating because the Windows build is now seriously adrift from the Linux ones, not healthy when the v5 release is being mentioned


Well, it’s been suggested they stop serving up the entire library with the nightly.


A less-sinister hypothesis than “sick of dealing with bug reports” is that since Kicad is an open-source project with limited resources, the hosts for nightly builds etc are not Amazon Web Services or some other non-free server farm. Instead, it might be from machines running in a developer’s office or whatever. So those servers aren’t redundant and they also fail. And when they fail, they go off-line, and someone’s gotta go fix them.

So the choices are:

  1. You can offer to host the nightlies, or provide a mirror, on your own machines

  2. Offer to pay for hosting through Akamai or AWS or some other non-free hosting service

  3. Be patient while the people providing host services for Kicad fix the machines, on their own dimes.


From reading the mailing list report it seems it is a developers machine. Not sure if he even gets paid for the hardware.


Kudos to the developer… and his machine! We can all admire a good old “can do” attitude. How about the “door” number 4? There are plenty of free hosting services which can accommodate nightly builds. You just have to be flexible. Like it was mentioned before you don’t have to try to squeeze in the whole suite into a nightly build. Chances are, people who actually bother to download a fresh copy of KiCad regularly have already build up their own libraries. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.


Free, unlimited bandwidth, no added bloatware and trusted by company firewalls are rare


https://sourceforge.net/ may be an option


Does sourceforge offer a build server? (The distribution server is ok. It is the server that builds kicad for windows that has problems.)


In early 2016 Sourceforge was adding adware to downloads. They have stopped but were tainted by this, with Firefox giving pop up warnings and refusing to download from some mirrors


they have been bought from a new owner… no more ads
new management sourceforge moves to put badness in past
SourceForge now also is partnered with BitDefender to provide malware scanning of all the projects uploaded to the repository.
Moreover if the problem is the build server, then no option there.


They have cleaned up over a year ago, but the taint lingers in false positive blocker warnings - a lesson on how easily reputation can be lost


Sourceforge used to be a goto site for open source projects, had several there myself, but the boat has sailed on that. Anyway, sourceforge is technically obsolete even if they change their business practices (I’ll wait and see on that one).

I would take a close look at running a Travis build on the github source mirror. I think the Windows KiCad builds in a Windows VM, I don’t have much experience with that. Otherwise Travis can be set to generate a daily build.


Got a link with info on daily building with Travis? I have an idea for the libraries that could make use of that.


Sure https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/cron-jobs/


A current state of the libraries page? :stuck_out_tongue:


Maaaaaybe… It will take some work so don’t expect anything soon :wink: