What footprint can I use for this symbol

What would be the best footprint that I can use for this symbol?

The one that fits the part you are going to use? Seriously. Do you have a link to the data sheet of the part you intend to use?


Yeah, that’s similar to asking us, “What pair of shoes should I buy as a gift for my wife?”. We need a lot more information before we could even guess. (Starting with, does she even wear shoes?) but in the final analysis, she is YOUR wife and whatever we say is actually just a suggestion for you to consider.



The symbol you show is most likely for a bidirectional transient voltage suppressor diode (TVS diode) used for voltage limitation. Mainly for ESD or surge protection.

As others already wrote the exact footprint will depend on which part you use. The part will depend on the voltage you want this to be limited to, the reaction time you can afford, the power it needs to survive, the leakage current you can tolerate, which parts you can buy (which supplier is available to you and what is in stock), …

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Don’t you first decide what element you will use and then get the right symbol and footprint for it?

In my projects if you see such symbol then you have 70% that it is SMB footprint.

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