What does the line in the photo mean?

Hello, I was making a pcb, and when I pressed the button located on the left menu in the picture, lines were created.
What do those lines mean?

The arrow in the photo is the button I clicked.

I think you mean the horizontal lines between all holes.

They are are artifact of the way that KiCad creates zones. In KiCad the outline of a zone is a single continuous polyline, and that is inclusive all the holes in the zone.

This is by design and harmless.

Thank you for answer.
I see the same line when I see it in a program called camcad, is there any problem if I order a pcb like this…?
I couldn’t see it when I used kicad’s Gerber viewer… T.T

Many people have used this and ordered many PCB’s by different PCB manufactures.
I also visit this forum pretty frequently and have never heard a complaint that there is any problem with this.

I understood the lines showed the junctions between the sub areas of a fill zone i.e it reveals the strategy KiCad used to mesh and fill the board. I’m not sure what value it offers most users - your question “what are these lines” seems to come up once in a while and be a source of confusion. I guess it might help understand why an area was getting filled in a particular way and help you debug a fill strategy. Its still in 5.99 but I wonder if it should be less visible as an option.

I agree with John, normal users hardly ever need to see this internal structure of the filled zones. There’s no need to keep it in the UI so prominently.

That kind of filling strategy is an “official” strategy, acknowledged by Ucamco. There’s nothing strange in it.

The lines can be seen in gerbview, too, using “outline/fill modes” similar to those in pcbnew, in the left hand toolbar.

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