What does "Path=" mean in a component?

I notice that some of the components in my schematics suddenly have a couple of extra lines added, containing a Path= statement, like this:

L +10V #PWR73
U 1 1 55A2DF56
P 11150 8900
AR Path="/55A2DF56" Ref="#PWR73" Part=“1”
AR Path="/55A07356/55A2DF56" Ref="#PWR039" Part=“1”
F 0 “#PWR039” H 11150 8990 20 0001 C CNN
F 1 “+10V” V 11100 8950 30 0000 C CNN
F 2 “” H 11150 8900 60 0000 C CNN
F 3 “” H 11150 8900 60 0000 C CNN
1 11150 8900
0 1 1 0

I have searched and Googled, but nothing about this has shown up. I wonder what the effect of these lines is, why they are there, and if it is safe to delete them?

Those give the path to each instance of the component in a hierarchical schematic (note that you can have multiple instances of the same sheet within a hierarchy, so the same component object inside the file will have multiple references and IDs). No, you can’t delete them.