What does it mean "Drilled holes co-located"

KiCad V6.0.11 at Windows.
I have 4 vias in made from tracks coil:

I don’t understand what KiCad doesn’t like in these 4 vias that they generate 18 warnings (all warnings are about these 4 vias). No problem - I can ignore them, but I’m curious what triggers the warning.
They are 1.2mm one from another and there are 0.4mm clearance between them:


And in Board Setup Constraints I have:


Are you sure that these are only 4 vias and not multiple vias on top of each other? Try to move one.


Brilliant shot. You are right !
After doing half of each coil I copied it (with 180 rotation) as a second half. And the same for all 4 layers.
I didn’t associate that I copy it including vias.
When copying I zoomed in at center of coil to set a copy at right place. If not this I would probably noticed that vias but they were off screen during this and later were not noticable.
I simply didn’t understood co-location as being one on another but as being wrongly located. I have never used in my life the word kolokacja (Polish = co-location).

When I was copying I used the “Toggle inactive layers…” to select only one layer (I didn’t copied between layers). I was sure that thanks to that I have in my selection only tracks at active layer.
That means graying not active layers works differently than I expected.

I have noticed also other problem associated with active/not active layer.
I had also 19-th warning that I switched off by setting “silkscreen clipped by solder mask” to ‘Ignore’. I don’t like that I have to do it, but I see no other way to have no warning.
I think this time I don’t do a mistake.
In Board Setup I selected that I don’t use B.Silkscreen. I will have only F.Silscreen.
One element that I flipped to bottom has its silkscreen crossing the PCB Edge.Cuts.
First - I am surprised that I see that layer even I have not it in layer list on the right.
Second - I am surprised that layer I excluded from project generates warning :slight_smile:

Kicad in v6 sometimes had the issue that things in deactivated layers were copied/ pasted or otherwise checked. You might want to enable such layers and clean them up manually. Or switch to a newer version, you’re not even using the latest 6.0.x one.

I am in very harry. I work till about 21…22 each day. All my designs from last 10 years became unproducable because of delivery dates for some elements pointing at 2024 and we can’t go more than a few months without a sale.
I remember from the past that when I used to be very overworked (years ago), I had ‘mind eclipses’. The fact that it didn’t occur to me that these vias can be on top of each other I considered yesterday the first case of ‘mind eclipse’ this time.
I don’t want to also risk of being caught by something unexpected in V7.

My plan was to wait for V7.0.1 and then install it and check if that warning about unused layer stil exist and then report it. Currently I just switched it off.

6.0.11 isn’t the last one?

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