What do you guys think of "a" for add a footprint in PCB Editor

Do you guys get used to (A)dding parts in the schematic editor with “A”, then when you go to the PCB editor try “A” a few times, only to them remember in the PCB editor it is now “O”. It might be nice to unify the commands? “O” also works quite well for “z(O)ne (O)utline”.

So then in PCB editor switch “A” and “O”. I know for some it will take time to get used, but in the long run consistency is what I think we should be aiming for. The developers have not been shy to change hotkeys for the sake of progress. I press “?” every now and then and it has changed to “CTRL+F1”.

Do you think I should open an issue for it?

I always tweak the hotkeys to set them to what I’m used to. I think there is no need to open an issue for something that anyone can configure to their own taste.


The abbreviations only work for English anyway

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I do not add footprints much in Pcbnew itself. Even mounting holes and such I place on the schematic, assign footprints there and import them in pcbnew just as any other footprint.

When I first started with KiCad, it took some time to get used to drawing a wire in Eeschema with “w” and using 'x" to start a track in pcbnew.

I do remember a post (either here or on gitlab) of an effort to make shorcut keys between Eeschema and Pcbnew more coherent. One of the problems with such an effort though is that many people won’t like it if default shortcut keys change. But luckily, there is an interface for setting, exporting and importing your own preferences for hotkeys.

Okay this is less about chosing a specific hotkey, and more about consistency between the Schematic editor and PCB editor. I do not feel strongly about a certain hotkey, just wish they were the same in both.

If I press A, then I want to add another footprint ONLY if I then press F next.
If, on the other hand, I press A followed by V, then I want to add a via.
On the other hand, if I press A followed by T, then I want to add a trace (also called “track”).
On the other hand, if I press A followed by H, then I want to add a hole.

These should all work exactly the same with lower case letters.

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