What do the Auto Place attributes in footprint editor do? (Rotation 90 degree & Rotation 180 degree)

Here’s a screencap:

Is this a way to re-orient a part without having to create a new part? For instance, I’ve created high pin, irregular shape QFN parts before that are incorrectly oriented for automated assembly (-90 degrees). Is this a way to offset that?


If you import a netlist into pcbnew, the new footprints are placed (nowadays) apart from each other so you can grab them one by one.
In the past they were all piled atop each other in the legacy canvas.
One then had to activate ‘Mode Footprint’ and right click anywhere in an empty space on the canvas to select ‘spread&place’ function from the context menu, which also had an auto-placement function in there…
Afaik - the 90/180 degrees in the footprint now tell this function how much it could rotate footprints by itself without user interaction. I think it was some auto-place/router feature…

Thanks for your reply.

I’ll try it later when I get further along, but do you know if that affects the X-Y-POS output at all?

No, afaik this only affects the code/program dealing with auto-routing of the layout, nothing to do with assembly.

Auto placement, not auto routing and not many of us do auto placement.
The option is there because boards with DIL packages might be all oriented in one particular direction

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