What determines when the net name is on a trace?

I’m using V5.1.0-1 on windows 10/64

I’ve noticed the trace net names are usually on the trace but not always. I know on some traces one must zoom if for the net names to appear. However I have a current project where there seems to be no obvious distinction between those that do and those that don’t (have net names on traces).

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

I found the length of the trace “segment” determines if there is enough room to display the net name. When looking at the traces in the outline form I could see areas where the trace is made up of multiple segments (even though it is a straight line).


It’s the C++ code which determines it :slight_smile: But seriously, you could report this as a bug. I guess it bothers some other people, too, when they don’t see the net names where they should be.

This can happen for a number of reasons. You might try out “Edit->Cleanup Tracks and Vias->Merge Overlapping Segments”. That may fix it for you.

Thanks :slight_smile: I keep on learning more every time I post here…great forum.

You can also make traces transparent by adjusting their opacity. This makes overlapping parts of track segments darker and you can see if a part is made up of several segments.

As Seth_h wrote, “Cleanup Tracks and Vias” help redusing the segment count.
Segment count of a track is often caused by the push and shove router, which works off-grid. Small Segments are often merged if you put both parts on the grid.

Pads seem to always have the net name on them and for tracks without a net name you can often follow them to the nearest pad. I’m not sure if putting net names on every segment would be a plus. There already is an overwhelming amount of information on the monitor and it would add a lot of extra clutter. Especially on multi layer boards.

If you select a track segment you can see in the status area (text at botttom of window) to what net it belongs, and use “u” or “i” shortcut keys to select & highlight more of a copper track.

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