What are these schematic symbols?

I am trying to replicate an open source KiCad project. Can anyone tell me what the
Vbat and Vsolarpanel symbols are?

I have scrolled around the “Add a power symbol (P)” but not found any clues.

Regards, Martin

They are probably roughly equal to e.g. the +BATT power symbol from KiCad, the standard KiCad library just draws them with an arrow instead of a straight line.

You can create custom power symbols yourself if you want.


My best guess is that these are power symbols, but imported from some other program.

Are they not just connectors that you plug your Panel, Load and Battery into and choose the appropriate footprint for your application ?

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That was my first reaction too. I had to re-read the post to comprehend he actually meant the power symbols next to the connectors.