What are "headlines"?

I am learning hierarchy sheets in Eeschema.
The manual has a section devoted to “Hierarchy creation of headlines”:

What is a “headline”?

Yeah, that is weird. I think that title should read something like “Summary of hierarchical schematic creation”, and the steps refer to later sections.

Unfortunately the documentation still needs some basic proofreading, but I have found the authors fiercely resistant to even minor changes.

Maybe it makes more sense in French.

The documentation has separate repo: https://github.com/KiCad/kicad-doc managed by Marco Ciampa.
So, everybody can prepare pull request with necessary changes. For example:
Hierarchy creation of headlines => Hierarchy creation in a nutshell

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As the issue is still there, I submitted a PR.


In French it says “Hierarchy creation steps”

Good catch!
(I translated the first version of the manual into Spanish and I know some translation bugs may happen)