Wemos D1 R2 plugin

Hello to everybody,
I want to ask if someone has a library for wemos d1 r2 and if it has to upload it? Thanks in advance.

Just take your Wemos module, place it on a breadboard, count the holes and copy them into a footprint.
Then draw some silk screen lines around it and you’re finished.

Someting like that is somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes to make, and not worth even searching for.

The accumulated time of people reading this thrread is likely to be more then it would be to draw the footprint from scratch.

Rene as written a good turorial in fhe FAQ section of making footprints from scratch:

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I’m glad @paulvdh knew what you’re talking about. I thought you were talking about a plugin for PCBnew. Always give links to datasheets for requests like this and don’t assume people know what you’re talking about. Some of us still won’t even then. :wink:

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The Wemos D1 mini is among the smallest ESP8266 boards that can be used without soldering.
It’s got 4MB of flash, a 168MHz uC and built in Wifi (as all the ESP8266 boards).


Horsepower of this postage sized thing is somparable witha 80486 DX4 from the 'old days.

Ummm . . . . from 40 seconds with a search engine, I got the impression that this module’s footprint has the same mechanical details as the Arduino Uno. If that is true, (which I can’t know since I don’t have a link to the datasheet for the exact part @Aleksander_Marinov is working with), I think there are symbols and footprints for the Uno already in the KiCAD library. In the worst case you will have to change the names on a couple dozen pins.


Oops, Indeed. The R2 is quite a lot bigger then the Mini and seems to have copied the redicilous arduino board format.
It won’t even fit on a breadboard. Yuck.

Some of the arduino formfactor boards are in the “Module” library:

I have this one - a Wemos D1 - not sure if it is R2. I think it came from here


EDIT Appears the R2 is completely different and has the Arduino layout as @paulvdh has already pointed out. Guess it will fit lots of shields with rather more oomph than the atmega.

WeMos_D1.zip (215.8 KB)

OK. So this has nothing to do with robotics and a silly take off of the R2D2 droid?

Still haven’t found an outline drawing for this Wemos thing, but a standard KiCAD installation includes a Template for the Arduino Uno at:


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