Weird scroll wheel zoom on MacOS

On Windows, when I zoom out and zoom in, the Zoom anchor is based on my current cusror position which is natural.
But on Mac (latest Pre-5.1.6) I get some erratic behavior with large Zoom out – the anchor point seem to jump erratically making it hard to zoom on what’s important.
This happens in both EESCHEMA and PCBNEW for me.
DISCLAIMER - I work on Mac without a physical keyboard/mouse which are (connected via VNC) - display local so no lagging here.
Any other Mac user can verify this?

Yes, zooming is erratic with the magic mouse. It’s is so frustrating that I downloaded the code to see if I could fix it. In the mean time using the mighty mouse with he little trackball works much better.

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@fred4u Have you tried to play around with the “Pan and Zoom” setting in the Common settings of the preferences?

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@nickoe Well I can say “bingo”
“Center and warp cursor” wreaks havoc on my Mac install.
If I disable it, everything works as expected.
However with the “Center and warp” enabled, sometimes (more often with quick zooms) the actual image is centered but cursor stays off-center. With the next zoom step KiCad tries to center screen again around this off-center cursor, causing the actual image to fall out from Zoom anchor.
Not sure if this is not specific to my VNC mouse setup, but as @mxmora reported similar issues, and when disable the “Center and warp” option everything works fine, there might be some bug in it.

The Scrolling Fix…

Depends on your Mouse.
This is for an Apple Mouse with the little scroll button and it’s so reliable that I keep a bottle of Alcohol on my desk.

Sometimes scrolling stops in one or both directions. I drip some alcohol into the bottle’s cap and wet my finger. I drip from finger onto the scroll button (lot’s of alcohol) and scroll like crazy - thus cleaning the internal tracking features.

Just did it again (and, about every two weeks)… Before doing it, I open a webpage that’s big enough such that when the Mouse starts working while cleaning it, at some point, the webpage starts to scroll…

Yes, it’s highly annoying but also affects other mice, such as the Logitech MX25. One suggestion I found in a Mac forum, if you are using a MacBook Pro, is to disable the track pad in the accessibility settings. This calmed my cursor/mouse down substantially while in Eeschma or PCBNew - though did not completely cure the issue.

Hope that helps.

In my case it’s only external mouse since the machine is mac mini.
But it does not seem 100% mouse hardware related issue, since after disable the “Center&warp” option things get back to normal.

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